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Version 1051.05 BETA - 2020.09.04

Not really a huge update, just fixing some CSS for made this site less basic and making an actual toolbar. Some extra info bits were added if you are curious to our unique section so far *grin*; no more links for site sections unless its for a direct page. Also I did removed the disable select javascript, please if you want to help my little project, give me credit linking to this page. Thanks.

Version 1051.04 BETA - 2020.06.02

2020 is a crazy year as we can see *TWO* (gasp!) updates in this web site. Again for the only content available here the page is now Coors Lite Beerwolf Unofficial Fan Page as it will become a whole section apart. Oh yeah! the crazy anubite is ready for spill more beans about the Party Werewolf!

Version 1051.03 BETA - 2020.04.19

Long time had passed until last beta, well from now I try to update some contents so from now you can enjoy the outdated page of Coor's Silver Bullet Beerwolf in a self contained page, no Moonranger Museum links yet.

Version 1051.02 BETA - 2017.08.15

Awoo! Well how you will contact me if I don't provide any means for that? Here have a shiny contact page with very limited ways to contact me, but well it's the start! Spanish version is WIP.

Version 1051.01 BETA - 2017.08.14

Believe it or not, after years of annoucements in the past, this is the fresh start of Wolfcountry Werewolf Trails (WWT). The development of this page was dead for several years. I can bring lots of excuses, the most common are the lack of time, a busy private life, new "personal" goals and etcetera. But I would lie with a poker face if I would dare to tell this, so here is a deep explanation:

Writting about a small history class, this website has been online thanks to generous people since 1996. From university servers to some infamous furry ones and finally here thanks to Moonchild kindness. Wolfcountry started as one of the few websites that did support HTML 2.0 stuff like tables and backgrounds. Only available if you were too brave to use browsers like Net Scape (sic) and Mosaic. In these ages, wrtting anything in a web page was a real acheivement, fueled for the spirit to share information for help others.

Two decades later, wrtting a webpage has become a disposable activity, with generic blogs and social media, anything can pass as real information. People demands direct contact with the authors of the pages, which create an open gate to abuse. Looking at this, I didn't wanted to risk my small project for such fate. So I did prefer to keep the old fashion style to keep in contact with people: Email and guestbook. Hence I just lost contact with people in the last decade.

Adding an extra layer in the cake, the "copy'n'pasta" or mashup generation feels that all the infromation on Internet is free and ready to use for profit. Their profit. These people copied my hard to find information and did paste it in their blogs. Looking at this I did prefer to stop the updates to this website and stop these people to steal to me.

If this site is going back to bussines, is thank to some loyal fans that had been over my toes asking for updates in the last years. Actually my goal is just made a personal website with the topics that suit my personal taste, may be werewolves, web design, coding, cooking... who knows? Some of the old info from the versions 1 to 1050 may surface again. Just if I find they are worthy or people demands bring them back.

If you are here looking for other sub-sites in this domain please check the URL given, this site is my personal digital pyramid den and is not endorsed by employers or even some of my friends! *grins*

Best regards,
Lyceus Anubite/Lobocursor.


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