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Wolfcountry Werewolf Trails (WWT) is a personal page about the werks of an Anubite werewolf and his loony friends. The author of this site don't play Role Play Games; nor belong to any online community (like furries, therians, otherkind, vampires, horror/gore fans, esoteric, kemetics, etc.); and is not interested in political, religious or philosophy debates. Your feedback/contact don't guarrantee that you will have a reply or comment back from the author of this website.

The ideal feedback for this website are:

A) Corrections if you found erratas, with bibliography and verificable resoures, if possible.

B) Suggestion for additions for the old contents of the site (Like beerwolf!)

C) Construtive critics or comments.

From now you can contact the author of this webpage in some public pages, please mention that you want to comment about Wolfcountry Werewolf Trails when you contact me:

Twitter: @lyceuswerewolf
Email: (TBA)

No other social media or medium outside of this list is valid or official, for contact the author of this webpage. The contact list may change at anytime.


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